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R80/100GS front fork mounted on R80G/S (TüV or BMW approval)

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    Standard R80/100GS front fork mounted on R80G/S (TüV or BMW approval)

    Hi 2V riders

    I have a BMW R80 G/S and would like to mount the front fork from a BMW R80/100 GS but I will need to have it certified for legal use on the road. The front wheel will still be from the G/S with a special front axle and brake parts from HE Bremstechnik.

    • Does anybody know if any German riders have done the same conversion and had it TüV approved?
    • Or does anbody know if BMW has made an official approval of using the R80/100 GS forks on a R80 G/S?

    Hope that some one can help me with some answers or point me in a direction where I can find some more information on how to get the conversion approved for road use in Europe!

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    Hi Slash,
    I think there are some bikes with that combination, but not in this forum. Ask the real specialists in the forum 2V-Frorum >> click <<

    Greetings Hermann

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    i have mounted a front fork from the R 100 GS in my G/S and use the original front wheel from the G/S. Using the fork is very easy, like plug & play. To use the front wheel from the G/S in this fork is very difficult, you need a selfmade axle and have to change the brake parts. I use a brake disk from the R 100 GS with a new circle of holes and have to modify the brake caliper.

    I am very certain that there are no certificates from BMW for this conversion, sorry.

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    Vielen Dank fur die antworte Hermann!
    I will try to investigate further in the other 2V forum. There is no question that the GS forks and brakes offer far better riding safety than the under dimensioned G/S parts. I would just like to apply to all rules and regulations.

    @DiDi 60: Your conversion looks superb! I hope you could help me with below questions:
    - Did you use the original G/S hub to bolt your new disc to?
    - Where did you order your disc and do you have any part number created for it?
    - Did you get the conversion TÜV approved/road approved?
    Thanks in advance!

    I found this website where the conversion is described: Daniel Dickes R80G/S
    The guy is writing the text below on the site so I will try to contact him:
    "Die TÜV-Eintragung war kein Problem. Bei Bedarf kann ich eine Briefkopie versenden und mit Unterlagen für die Eintragung behilflich sein."

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    Yes i use the original hub in the G/S - front wheel.

    - fork from R 100 GS
    - complete front wheel original from G/S
    - the braking disk BW02FI from braking company
    - the braking caliper from Brembo with 32/34 mm pistons

    My conversion works very well and i never need a approval for my local TÜV here.

    If you want to do exact this conversion think twice, it is not easy to do and was very difficult for me.

    - you have to made a new axle
    - you need some new selfmade distance washers for the left an the right side
    - to mount this braking disk you need the holder of an original brake disk from BMW R 100 GS or other BMW
    - you have to drill some new holes in this holder (GS: 4 x 10 mm ....., G/S: 5 x 8 mm .....)
    - you have to mill-cut 4 mm less at the two holder at the braking caliber

    I was very happy to have some good friends in mechanical engineering to do this conversion!

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    Thanks a lot for the details :-) I do have some contact to local machine shops but I'm not expecting it to be cheap. Still I'm willing to spend the money and time to improve my G/S!


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