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New guy, from France (Montpellier)

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    Standard New guy, from France (Montpellier)


    Please excuse-me but I don’t speak Deutsch and my english is not very good. In fact, I’m habitually an user of the French GS forum but some french guys told me than the part I have made should interest some other guys here. It’s the raison of my presence.

    I’m actually owner of a 1200 GS 2010, and I owned in the past a 2008 model. I’m a “mecanics lover", as you’ll see on my little web page :

    So, the part I’ve made is a grid to protect the oil radiator. I’ve look at Wunderlich and other parts sellers but their grids are too expensives for me (60/70 € with shipping).

    So if your are interested in the grid, simply know than :

    -it mount on all 1200 GS and GS/A models, from 2004 to 2010
    -it is in aluminium, so no rust, never
    -no drill necessary and no difficult action are necessary to intall it
    -time to install is 5 minutes and it will takes 5 minutes to remove it to wash it
    -it is fixed with plastics “rilsan”
    -I send a notice with the grid, with pictures to install it (very easy)
    -price is 22 € including shipping to any country in EU

    If you are interested, simply send me an email, I will tell you how to proceed (I have a Paypal account). Only by email please. My email address :[at]

    I’m not a professionnal, so I made it one per one, and I go to ship it every Saturday.

    Thank you.

    Some pics (you can clic on it to zoom) :

  2. HP2Sascha Gast


    Welcome to the show!
    Your english skills seems to be more than enough.
    Anyhow, try to have fun with this german speaking forum.

    Sein Angebot findet sich hier: Aluminium grid to protect oil radiator


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