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GS 2017 alarm setting/DWA

Erstellt von Imola, 21.04.2017, 22:53 Uhr · 3 Antworten · 1.002 Aufrufe

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    Standard GS 2017 alarm setting/DWA

    I am about to get my new GS 2017 Rallye delivered, but I would like to have the alarm set to chirp when activated/deactivated (as opposed to just the light signals). My dealer tells me this is not possible any longer which to me soundes superweird! So, is there anyone out there who knows if this can be done or even have a 2017 model with the chirp activated?

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    Hi Imola

    As far as I know all settings of the DWA are set in the DWA itself which means, that the DWA is always the same for all modells. The DWA is combined in a box together with the RDC. The programing of the DWA has to be done with the remote control, the procedure should be in the manual of the DWA.

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    Unfortunately this is (in Germany) not allowed.
    I know that several cars allow to change this behavior, from the GS I don't know.

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    Now I have got new software loaded and now it was possible to solve it.

    Unfortunately after this all settings in Dynamic Pro and Enduro are Off.
    DTC: Off, ABS: Off, Engine: Off and I can´t go back and reset to factory settings.
    Have any of you had the same experience? If so, how did you solve it?


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