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Ich hatte eine Harley (in englisch)

Erstellt von ex-harley, 16.04.2012, 14:21 Uhr · 26 Antworten · 3.297 Aufrufe

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    Reden Ich hatte eine Harley (in englisch)

    Hallo Everybody, sorry that I write in English ! Meine Deutsch its night so gut in schrift.
    I am writing this because I want to tell you how I am happy with my new GS1200 Rallye Edition.
    I had in the last 25 years just Harley: sportster,Fat Boy, Road King. I was really involved in the HOG organization and I made a lot of KM and know a lot of people around the world. Last January , I watch a DVD , The Long Way Round. I don´t know why, but I felt something strange, like I had spent my last 10 years without riding a bike , but just having fun with it.
    I decided , with a big ,enormous , incredible surprise from my friends and my wife and all the people that know me as Harley Man, to switch to a BMW.
    Well, I have to say I am very happy and the bike is a dream.
    Some people arrive at 40 years old and they make tattoos or have hidden girlfriends around the planet or start to take drugs. I change my philosophy of life and now I am riding a GS. Incredible.
    The social, psychological , and mental switch I have done is something big.
    From Road King to GS.
    People , again , I am happy and I will let you know month by month how my passion for this bike will grow !!!!!!

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    It may be a considerable idea to book a professional training to discover all the secrets oft the GS. This bike is capable of doing things Harleys are not made for. My rinding experience on a HD is linited to one day on a Sportster in Florida, but I can hardly imagine riding a HD on alpine roads like Passo Stelvio or Timmelsjoch. I am not very much into riding off road, but a GS for sure is a better choice for that than a HD.

    I assume that you would get more satisfaction out of your GS, if you had a proper training before.

    Have Fun!

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    Hey man

    First of all: Congratulations! The GS is a cool bike and I am sure you will enjoy every mile you'll ride with it :-)

    I couldn't agree more with sampleman. Do yourself a favor and try the capabilities of your new toy during a training. No matter if on or off road, you will be surprised of the capabilities of this huge chunk of bavarian engineering.

    Last year I had an jaw dropping experience at the BMW off road training in Hechlingen. It's really amazing to see that the GS is capable to conquer quiet some terrain where you normally wouldn't dare to try this bike. I highly recommend doing such a training if you want to take your bike off road.

    If one of your next trips is taking you through Switzerland, let me know. I always eager to meet new people.

    Safe travels and enjoy your new toy,


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    allrighty, first motorcycle experience, though!

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    Wellcome on board!

    Don't worry about the late experience. You didn't really loose life time. You’ll get it back on every km you are on the GS.
    Best regards

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    Welcome to the forum group from Singapore! Glad reading you found new experiences and horizons.

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    Hello Ex-Harley
    Warm welcome here wiith GS Forum. I wish you but good times on your GS. Enjoy every kilometer you ride. It's quite a switch from Road King to GS, that's why I have a Dyna FXDX together with the GS, and I like both bikes even on Stelvio or Tende (not the tunnel).
    Greetings from Switzerland

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    Ahoi Ex-Harley,

    I absolutely agree with you.
    Only the thing with the girls is worth a discussion
    Keep your dream alive and always have a nice ride!


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    Hi ex Harley,

    there's an old German saying,

    Du wirst alt wie eine Kuh und lernst immer dazu

    (you're becomming old as a cow, but you're learning day bay day .....)

    It took me also quite a way from my Africa Twin and an GS 1150 to be now an owner of a nice 1200 GS... that rocks....

    So have fun, and for sure you're gonna meet a buch of freaks here, which as similar as the guys you know from the HD scene.

    Weired people are everywhere....

    have fun, stay wild, be foolish...



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    Zitat Zitat von ex-harley Beitrag anzeigen
    Some people arrive at 40 years old and they make tattoos or have hidden girlfriends around the planet or start to take drugs.
    Daran ist doch nichts Schlimmes???

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