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Which bike for off road (like LGSK, Maira Stura...)

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    Standard Which bike for off road (like LGSK, Maira Stura...)

    Gentlemen (and women!),

    Been riding a bit off road last year: Assietta, Parpaillion; Cormet D'Areches.
    Of course I'm now utterly hooked and want to do more...

    Last year I did it with my 2010 R1200GSA and that went very well.
    Tracks were dry and rather easy. And I am 1m96 and 110kg, which helps as well handling this heavy bike.

    But for the meaner nastier tracks I feel not that comfortable with the big bike.
    Picking it up (1, 2, 3 times?). Costly parts (Mr. BMW...). Handling in tight turns. Rocky gravel. etc.

    I am not an heavily experienced off road driver. Intermediate I would say.
    Not going to blast down the tracks.

    Assuming I'll bring the bike there on trailer, I am looking at the following:

    KTM 690 Enduro (love the bike, costly, loads of power, durability?, light)
    Suzuki DR400 (bullit proof, cheap, light, radiator exposure)
    Honda XR400 (super bullit proof, cheapest, suspension?, brakes?, power?)
    Yamaha XT660Z (I had one..., bullet proof, still heavy, Radiator exposure)
    KTM 990 ADV (had the 950 and loved it, still heavy, loads of power, radiator exposure, can "ditch" the GSA (oops.. ))

    Your opinion pls, or alternatives I can consider.

    Answers in German, French, Italian, English and Dutch are OK.

    THX Peter

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    Hi Peter,
    I will always do such things with my old R100GS, but I'm also interessted in other bikes for my travellings. My favs in the moment are

    KTM690R Enduro
    CCM 450 GP
    AJP PR7 (XT660 engine, 155kg, Release next year)

    Greetings Hermann

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    I think this is the perfect Bike for your 1,96 m. But could be a little expensive ...

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    I have my dirty japanese litlle sisters Honda XR 600R and Yamaha TT600 59X ---- simple, easy to repair, strong enough and the parts are cheaper

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    Yamaha TT600 R/E, XT600


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