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Trip to West Africa: who wants to join?

Erstellt von gert-jan, 19.07.2005, 14:04 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 867 Aufrufe

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    Standard Trip to West Africa: who wants to join?

    I'm planning an extensive trip to West Africa from beginning of november 2005 till the end of december 2005. I will be travelling with a 1150 adventure. If needed i will drive offroad, but i'm planning as much (more or less) paved road as possible. The rough scheme is Marocco, Mauratania, Senegal v.v and maybe Mali, Burkina and Ghana (depends on the progress i will make). I will start in Holland. It will be a lowbudget trip.
    I'm looking for one or more travelmates. Anyone interested?
    I'm also interested in any tips or advise

  2. Ron
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    It sounds great! :P

    But no chance for me to join that trip.
    Wish you'll find somebody to ride with
    and hope to see a small report and
    some pictures.

    Good luck!

    Regards Ron


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