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auf der Suche nach Beratung über Berlin und Deutschland im Allgemeinen

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    Daumen hoch auf der Suche nach Beratung über Berlin und Deutschland im Allgemeinen

    Hello Everybody,

    I cannot speak German yet, so I will write this in english and also run it through Google Translate.

    I am on a tour of Europe on my 1200GSA and have been in the UK for 1 month and 8000 kilometers. Soon I will be coming to Germany. When I am in the large cities such as Berlin and Munich, I am looking for a secure place to park my motorcycle. Are there any garages that you can recommend?

    Thank you,

    Hallo allerseits, ich kann nicht sprechen Deutsch noch, so werde ich diese in Englisch schreiben und auch führen Sie es durch Google Translate. ich bin auf einer Reise durch Europa auf meinem 1200gsa und haben in Großbritannien für 1 Monat und 8000 Kilometern gewesen. Bald werde ich nach Deutschland kommen werden. Wenn ich in den Großstädten wie Berlin und München, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem sicheren Ort, um mein Motorrad zu parken. gibt es irgendwelche Garagen, die Sie empfehlen können ? danke, garrett

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    Do you are looking for a private or public garage?

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    Private would be great, but wherever the bike will be secure will be good for me!

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    You can use every public garage - no problems .

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    But, not every public garage is open for bikes. When, the bike parking is mostly close to the garage guard.

    Mind the gap! Ups, no. The overhead clearance. "Durchfahrtshöhe!"

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    Hi Garrett, I suggest not to stress too much about it. I toured Europe last year for three months and did not have any problems whatsoever. All hotels usually provided their own safe parking and I even left the bike in the street when visiting friends who had no space in their own garage. Maybe I was lucky but usually you can enquire with your hosts about safety aspects when you stay overnight. Nobody will give you a guarantee anyhow.

    Enjoy the trip, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. Post a ride report and pics.

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    Berlin and Munich are large cities. So it depends where you want to get some sleep or stay a few days (or weeks?).

    I have been to Berlin twice in the last 4 years. I stayed at »Hotel Transit« close to the former airfield Tempelhof.

    Link to Google Maps.

    They shut down the inner yard by rolling grilles. So nobody can get there in the night - except the other persons that stay at the hotel. Usually no vehicles of hotel guests are allowed. But ask nice before you arrive, it should be no problem then.

    The hotel is for young people, so often complete classes stay there. I liked the place and the prices are okay. If you want to eat cheap and good, you can go to the Steakhouse Angus (Kreuzbergstraße 11,10965 Berlin) on foot. It is right around the corner.

    Two links:

    The 50% off is a running gag. They have those prices for several years now.

    Greetings, Martin

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    Standard Garage in Berlin

    Hi Garrett,

    there is a page on that lists hotels with a garage. Unfortunately it is in German only but easy to understand. You could also ask Berlin Tourist Info for help. They have an English site on the net.

    If you stay in Prenzlauer Berg district, ContiPark has capacity for motorbikes below "Kulturbrauerei", a touristic hotspot.

    Lots of riders park (even expensive) bikes on sidewalks here, which is tolerated and free of charge even in toll-parking zones in Berlin. If you park in view of the hotel desk, your bike should be safe.

    No guaranty, though.

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    1. you stay in a Hotel

    it is much easier as in London f.e. most Hotels or Guesthouses offer Private Garage places so please visit HRS - HOTEL RESERVATION SERVICE f.e and you can see from Hotel to Hotel parking options.

    In Munich and Berlin the most public garages are also prepared for Motorcycles.

    Don't worry and have a happy landing"


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